FWF – 1st Annual Holiday Food Drive

During this holiday season (and beyond) we want our teams to be cognizant of those families less fortunate than us. At any point someone can lose a job and/or life tragedy strike and their family gets flipped upside down. Flyers want extend the character we show on the court off the court and into our community.


We hope that by teaching the youth to be active within community that we can mold them into being productive citizens. This year one of our Varsity Flyers and Student Trainer, Jalen McCarthy, spearheaded the first annual FWF Holiday Food Drive. Three of our youth winter teams participated in this campaign, along with neighboring teams in our league. Check out some pics (below).


The Flyers plan on continuing community service throughout the year, as well as bringing awareness to organizations that assist those in need such as the local Community Storehouse. If you would like to participate in one of our future charitable acts, please contact us as info@FortWorthFlyers.org.



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