’17 Winter – 12u League Champions!!

I’m EXTREMELY proud of our Flyers! They displayed the utmost resolve and mental fortitude to complete yet another perfect season at 11-0 and finish #1 out of 23 teams!!


This was a special season as we mixed players from our 10u & 12u teams to compete in the 12u division. The older boys served as a mentor and it was a beautiful thing to see all the players mature.


The league was divided into two divisions (east/west) with bracket play that mixed the top seeds from both. The Flyers had the toughest road as our last four games we had to play a #2 (west) 7-0 team, #3 (east) 8-0 team, #1 (east) 9-0 team and #1 (west) 10-0 team CONSECUTIVELY to win it all!


'17 Undefeated Champs!Game 1 – W 48-15
Game 2 – W 42-24
Game 3 – W 46-10
Game 4 – W 45-9
Game 5 – W 42-7
Game 6 – W 28-26
Game 7 – W 51-15
Game 8 – W 50-27
Game 9 (Round 2 Playoffs) – W 30-19
Game 10 (Final 4 Playoffs) – W 42-34
Game 11 (Championship) – W 50-32


The championship game was a classic match-up of David vs Goliath. The bigger #1 (unnamed) 10-0 favored seed versus the smaller #2 Flyers 10-0 underdog seed. This unnamed team (we don’t speak the name) dominated all year and bragged about beating everyone on their schedule by 35pts +. But these self-proclaimed juggernauts hadn’t seen anything like us!


The Flyers came out the gates poised, confident, aggressive, and played a complete game on both sides of the ball. All season long we showed the utmost class and sportsmanship down to the final second of the game. We left everything out on the court and it was no question to everyone that attended we were the best team and deserved to be the last man standing as we won the championship game 50-32!!


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